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16 going on 17 (part 2 of 3)

It’s important to have an idea of where You are trying to go. I’ve tentatively decided on a few challenges I want to undertake in the new year. I also have a few goals I want to pursue outside of them, and a new guiding principle (as always).

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16 going on 17 (part 1 of 3)

2016 sucked.

Seriously, this has been the most trying year for me in my adult life (so far).

But I want to move passed focusing on that, and try to have as positive an outlook as I can muster going into 2017. These next couple posts will be about that.

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The Impo(r)tance of Your Voice

Due to my somewhat radical beliefs on certain subjects, as well as my general dissatisfaction with the current political climate in the United States, I tend not to make many posts of an overly political nature.

However, I want to take this time to publicly state that I am more than willing to discuss how important it is for each and every citizen to exercise all of their rights, including their right to vote.

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