Below is the table I’ve created on my local computer to house the pieces I play regularly on the Electric Bass.

The first column, Card, is special: As part of my practice, I assign each regular piece to a playing card in one of many decks. This way, if I want to be challenged / practice something randomly, I just draw from a deck and get playing. It is meant to keep me practicing more during practice time, and also to get me to play pieces I would otherwise forget about. I’ll talk more about that in another post sometime.

The collection presented here I made because it is all of the pieces I have learned to play for a band I am currently a part of. I’ll add to it soon, but I wanted to get this done first because of the fact that I play these pieces with others.


Card Name Source Genre Key Ambitus Notes
DB ♣A The Robot With Human Hair Part 4 Dance Gavin Dance Post Hardcore E Aeolian, Diatonic E1 - G2 (10 Notes) On record bass jumps up an octave on main riff
DB ♣2 The Hounds of Anubis The Word Alive Post Hardcore C Neapolitan Minor, Diatonic A♭1 - C3 (10 Notes) Chorus shifts to Ionian ♯2
DB ♣3 Jesus H. Macy Dance Gavin Dance Post Hardcore E♭ Ionian, Diatonic D2 - C3 (9 Notes) Slap Pop Effect Needed at End
DB ♣4 I Have A Problem Beartooth Post Hardcore C Neapolitan Minor, Diatonic C2 - B2 (7 Notes) Tremolo Picking and Oddly Timed Hook
DB ♣5 Smoke and Mirrors The Color Morale Post Hardcore C Phrygian ♭4, F♮ in Bridge C2 - C3 (9 Notes) Mode of Harmonic Major Scale
DB ♣6 Second and Sebring Of Mice and Men Post Hardcore C♯ Ionian, Diaotonic E1 - D♯2 (9 Notes) A1 - B1 - D♯2
DB ♣7 Vices Memphis May Fire Post Hardcore C♯ Harmonic Minor F♯1 - A2 (10 Notes) A♭2 - G♭2 - E♭2 - E2
DB ♣8 Genesis Secrets Post Hardcore B Aeolian, Diatonic B1 - B2 (8 Notes) Chorus is 1st inversion of Emin
DB ♣9 143 Princess At the Skylines Post Hardcore C♯ Dorian, Diatonic B1 - C♯3 (9 Notes) Bridge in Emaj
DB ♣10 Song 1 Original Post Hardcore E Phrygian, F♯ and C♯ middle E1 - C3 (11 Notes) Triplets and Arpeggios
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