I’m back. More on that later.

Today, I wanted to discuss one of the things that kept me up until 0630 this morning. The band I’ve played bass with for the last year and change has gone on a fairly permanent hiatus, and I want to get my bass rig in order before finding new people to play with.

N.B. I know I could just get a head / cab combo and call it a day, but I’ve never done things the easy way before… Why start now? …On a more serious note: I want to be able to have full control over what is in my bass rig at any one time, I want to be able to plug in to any speaker / mixer, and I just prefer piecing together my own rig to buying a premade POS brand machine.

Anyway, I just wanted to write my findings down on what, exactly, belongs in a bass rig… at least, one that I think will suit my needs. I’ve narrowed it down to a few things, most of which I already have in my PA rig, and could theoretically use from that for now.

Here’s a list:

  1. First and foremost, a rack-based rig needs a Rack to go in. I’ve got one for the PA, but it is pretty big… If I end up putting this together, I will probably order myself a smaller one just for this.

  2. Any rack-based rig needs a Power Conditioner to run it. I have a Juice Goose running my big rack, but I can always move it to my bass rig if I start using it regularly.

  3. The next thing a lot of people have included is a Tuning Unit of some sort. This is low-priority for me; I’ve never liked using one or two whole units for something that could otherwise fit in my pocket. Maybe way down the line.

  4. The most important part, and what I have been looking for for most of the night, is the Preamplifier. I’m looking at something like the Sansamp Tech 21 RBI unit, I think. This’ll be the high price item, for sure… at least $250… but, it’ll help me a lot in the future.

  5. Obviously, this all leads itself into a Power Amplifier, which will run into a speaker cabinet of some sort (not a part of this rig, and therefore not a part of this post). I have a Crown XLS1000 that I’ve been meaning to replace with an XLS2000 in my PA rig, so that has more room. Since I’d be only powering the one instrument in this, the XLS1000 is more than enough.

Any effects or other trimmings I might want can come later, or be pedals. Hopefully, I can piece this together in a month or two!

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