It’s been a while since I’ve considered music as a serious part of my life.

Oh, sure, I use it as a tool. It gets me going when I wake up, helps me through difficult times, lets me connect with others. But I’ve been out of the game for a while, so to speak. Both as a musician, and as a listener.

Music has been a huge part of my life throughout most of it, and I want that to remain true: Not just as a medium I enjoy consuming and toy with creating in, but as a facet of my day to day that makes life worth living.

I’m currently listening to Black Sabbath’s Paranoid on the PA System that’s been sitting in the corner of my living room since I moved in. Sure, the pots are scratchy after spending a year in a storage unit without AC. Sure, I still have that ingrown hesitance to do anything that might be “too loud” to those around me (outside of my car, anyway). Sure, I still have other things I need to do today. But I’m listening to it, for the first time in years, on a stereo system in my own home.

I’m using that triumph as motivation to put into words something I’ve been actively doing for over a month, now: I’m building a collection of albums, mostly on CD, one album a week.

About four weeks ago I started doing this with an impulsive purchase of the latest release from Galaxy Swim Team (which was Too Much Too Fast by Pastel Dream (more on it in a future post, don’t worry). And I’ve kept it up long enough now that I have both confidence I’ll continue accumulating weekly albums, and a backlog that’ll keep me from needing to buy the album&emdash;and review it in the same week.

Yeah, I’m going to start writing reviews, here. I hope I like it.

By the by: I’ve also been practicing music more regularly, which is nice. As soon as something comes from it, I’ll let You all know.

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